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Star Trek: Vulcan WTF


Okay, that's a little dramatic. But still. I'm usually good in school at all the subjects that I consider to matter in life: English, History, Science. For the most part, there isn't much comprehension. It's just memorize, regurgitate. But now I've been put in a math class and I keep failing everything, and since I have to do a lot at home, I fail at home, and then I don't even have a teacher to help me and tell me what I did wrong. It makes me feel so freaking stupid. :/


poor drakie

i'd help you but i fail at most classes so i doubt i'd be much use
I might be able to help if you need it. ^^

And don't worry if you barely pass; it's not like anyone's really going to use this unless they get a job in math.

I hope my avatar cheers you up a little. x]