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Career crisiiiiiiis

First of all, I realize that I'm 'young and don't need to be worrying about this now, because I can always change my mind and crap later!' Okay? I REALIZE THIS. THANKS BUT NO THANKS.

Anyway, I'm stuck between two drastically different career paths at the moment. I've always thought I'd go for journalism and get a job as a copy editor for some magazine/publisher/website/something. It's something I'm good at that has a market for moolah. However, I've always had a problem with being contained and a 'desk job' or 'having a cubicle' has always seemed like looking at a cage to me. Some people might be okay with living in a cage, but I'm not. I'm not sure I like the idea of a 9 to 5 job.

AND for a long time I've known that I was going to cosmetology school, and I still want to. I still plan on it. I even have a school picked out (Paul Mitchell, if you're wondering). I kept thinking I'd like to be a movie studio special effects makeup artist, or just a hair stylist. That's okay, too. I like doing all of it. And recently, I've been advancing up a bit through my dance studio, and I think most of you know that I'm now in a dance troupe (not just a class, but a performing troupe), and don't plan on stopping any time soon. I keep imagining myself teaching a class and how fun it would be, so I've considered that as a career option (combination dance teacher+cosmetologist).

But this brings me back to COLLEGE. Obviously, as a copy editor, college is needed. I've never considered NOT going to college to be an option. There's nothing wrong with people who don't, but I'd feel like a failure in life if I didn't. HOWEVER. Being a dance teacher is done through Isis, and the hairstylist/FX makeup artist is done through vocational school and practice. I don't technically NEED any college for that path. So then I'm thinkin, huh, no college for this path, which I can't decide is good or bad. THEN THEN THEN I thought that I could go to college, not to specialize in a field that I wish to get a career in, but to get degrees and stuff in areas I like (ie, history). This plan sounds a helluvalot more fulfilling than my 'editor plan' if you get what I'm sayin.

So then I get stuck between editor, journalism, desk job; and cosmetologist, dance teacher, as many history degrees as I bloody want, more liberal environment. And then there are little things that get in my way, such as how I like dressing how I want and having my hair weird, tattoos and piercings and bein cool looking, but I can't see a publishing company being too down with that. However, I know a lot of salons are totally cool with that (my hair dresser, Donny, looks like a convict, bald + tattoos + Hogan moostache). And that also kindofsortof gives me the option of, if I get hired by a theater or movie studio or something, of putting makeup on famous people, which would be really awesome. And yes, I'm shallow like that.

As an editor, I'd probably have a more secure place in life, but I'm not sure I could deal with some of the little things. As a famouspersonmakeupartist and dance teacher with a history back ground, I'd be more fulfilled on the inside, but I'm not sure how much money I could bring in with that and live the way I want. And don't tell me 'there's more to life than money.' I don't want to hear that, either.


Get as much training and skills as you can and want to get, and never commit yourself to just one path, life has a way of changing up, and the one with the most adaptability will always come out on top. I studied pure science, education, music, and performance, training horses, martial arts, and here I am working in Biotechnology. You never know, but opportunity is opportunity, and is seldom what we have planned out so neatly.

Good luck darling,

You should take small classes for each untill you decide on which you actually want to do then make that you're major. You should most deffinably go on the more fulfiling jobs, not money wise. Dance and cosmo can actually make alot of money if your good at what you do and have the right skills. You can also make alot of money with the editor/journalism/desk job. But at the same time, in both jobs you can also not make alot of money. It all depends on the amount of money you make. You also should look at the careers that are getting more popular and which ones area dropping. Sure, major fashion magazines and such are getting extremly popular. But minor magazines and newspapers are going down, transfering to internet sites. Cosmo is actually a growing career latly. Dance can both be good and bad, depending on your skills. No matter what you do though good luck. It's more about what makes you happier in the long run. When you get old it isnt going to be about the money you made, it's going to be about the happiness you had.