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Star Trek: Vulcan WTF


It's only been like A MILLION years since I've updated. xD Well, a few entries ago I believe I said something about public school and all that. Well, I'm done now. :D All finished. I'll be starting cosmetology school in the fall, and getting my dimples pierced in May. I've been henna tattooing like crazy and I have decided that I will ask out the cute blonde barista at Starbucks. That is all. When I have something more interesting to post, I will. Until then, know that my Facebook is used much more than my Livejournal, so feel free to friend me there. Clicky.

Enjoy the Cheky cutefais icon.


Hurrah and congrats for being done and best of luck with school in the fall. Draco is a trained hairdresser and makeup artist over there, does it still for fun over here, it's a good field.