Draconis the Slightly Ecru (drakie_cakie) wrote,
Draconis the Slightly Ecru

Been awhile, ain't it?

Well, public school hasn't been the nightmare I imagined it would be. I mean, I still think most of it's asinine ('Drake, you can't have pepper spray. It's a weapon.' 'Drake, you can't have a pocket knife, it's a weapon.' 'Drake, you say 'good morning' when someone says it to you.' 'Drake, say the pledge of allegiance with everyone else.'), but I get work done much faster. I've already finished three classes. :D I have like, 18 more credits to finish, but hey, I'm workin on it. Also, my Biology teacher is a Trekkie, so we get a long pretty well. And my English teacher is a fantasy nerd, so we're always geeking out about LotR. And I'm the only redhead in my class, so it makes me feel special.

I got invited to the Angels of Isis, which is one of Isis's dance performing companies, so YAY. First meeting on October seventh! *dancedance* I might be going to the dance party (haffla) on Saturday, but I don't wanna go alone, so I'm considering bribing Genny/Taryn to go with me with a promise that I'll buy their tickets. I told Annie, one of the teachers there, that I didn't want to go because I don't really have any 'dance friends.' And she was like, "Oh, don't worry! I'll sic my son on you! He's intelligent and funny and blhaskjdfljsd.' And then I was like O_O Um... does it sound like I'm being pimped out, or what? No. So I'll try to bring my own friends instead of having one 'sicked on me.'

Also, might see the new Star Trek movie again in the dollar theater on Sunday. Only because I want to see Chekov running through the Enterprise going I KEN DO ZAT I KEN DO ZAT! AUGH he's so cuddly! I JUST WANT TO SQUEEZE HIM AND KEEP HIM FOREVER. ...Is that creepy of me?
Tags: drakie rants about shit, pointless crap
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