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Star Trek: Vulcan WTF

She's so lucky, she's a star, but she BARKS, BARKS, BARKS

So my mama rescued a stray doggie.


It's this GINORMOUSLJDFJLDSJf German Shepard puppy — PUPPY, LIKE EIGHT OR NINE MONTHS OLD, AND IS AS BIG AS A WORG — and his name's Lucky. He's uber friendly and happy and peppy and obedient. But my dogs hate him. We've got him in our backyard while Baby and Tinkerbelle are locked in the house. We called the number on the tag and I think Mom's gonna call the pound or something, but I just wanna PLAY WITH HIM HE'S SO CUTE AND SO FUCKING HAPPY.

And it's a boy. I just made the title that because it was convenient.


Britney Spears Reference FTW

he sounds so adorable =3 i <3 puppies
Lol, clever title thar Drakie. ^^
Sounds like you're having some fun with the "puppy"! Good luck with finding Lucky's owner, so your dogs can come out of lockdown xD
Aw, that's nice!
I hope you can keep him :)
What breeds are the other dogs?
Not like it matters, but it's just a fun thing to know

I wanna see! I wanna see!