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I suck at updating this freakin journal. Not surprised if no one even looks or reads it anymore. xD But this is the only place where these kinds of updates are appropriate. So I might as well use this account that I pay for and whatnot.

Sooo I had fun at Infinitus, for the most part. I stayed with two friends (Sarah, Maresa) in a hotel room, which I should never ever do. xD I hate having roommates. I get very frustrated and cranky when I don't have sufficient alone time, even at a busy convention where the point is to meet people and have fun.

I flew in Wednesday, but I missed my freakin flight. Standby sucks. I've never flown alone before and I have no idea how to read a plane ticket, so I read my ARRIVAL time as my DEPARTURE time and didn't realize what I'd done before it was too late. Dad's still in the hospital, so he couldn't help, so I did standby and I was super stressed and it sucked, but hey, I got there. First class WUTWUT (daddy loves me).

Drive to the con hotel was interesting, because Maresa has a teeny car and we have lots of luggage. She had to put the back seats down to make room for it all, so there were only two seats left. Three people. Since I'm the tiniest, I got to sit in the back of the car, no seatbelt or anything, and ride there with a blanket on my head. Not such a great idea. Managed to live, though. Took a cab back. xD

I loved the panels and the atmosphere, but all in all, I still suck at making friends and talking to people. I get close to it, half-way open my mouth and ALMOST SAY SOMETHING, and then totally chicken out and turn away. slkdfjldsf. And of course Maresa and Sarah are totally fine with socializing, so I just stand awkwardly in the background and fiddle with my hair as everyone makes friends. xD So if I was supposed to see you there or saw you and didn't talk to you, it's not because I hate you. It's because I am apparently incapable of speaking to people.

I was just Drakie-Slytherin on Thursday, since the stress of traveling was high enough that I forwent cosplaying that day. Friday I was halfass Draco, just for kicks. Saturday I was ferret-Draco, which was fun, but no one knew who I was, which was a bit depressing. Sunday I was just Drakiesnake again.

Night of 1000 Wizards kicked ass, and if they do a similar thing at Ascendio, then I'm totally going again, but I'll probably never visit the park again otherwise. It's so miserable during the day with all the people and the lines and the heat and the bustle. slkdjflkdsjf. Never again. But at night it was freakin sweet. I rode the Hogwarts ride three times in a row. Rode dueling dragons and I screamed and was terrified, but it was AMAZING. Drank frozen butterbeer (and then proceeded to make my own at home — delicious!) till my tongue went numb. Wanted to die during the stupid presentation. Fell asleep immediately upon getting back to the hotel room. xD

So that was the gist of my adventure at Infintus. For my next HP con I'll have better costumes prepared. I could have broughten some to this one, but since I was so freaked out by flying alone and having to deal with roommates that I didn't want the added stress of an elaborate costume. But now that I've done it, I can do it again and be cool. I can hang around the other people with excellent costumes and not feel completely inferior. xD

So if you went to Infintus, what kinds of awesome things did you do?
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