Star Trek: Vulcan WTF

Okay, I'm ready for Merlon to move out now.

Long story short, my brother has absolutely no respect for me. He has his stupid, loud, obnoxious friends over practically every day, ALL day, so I'm always having to run back to Mommy's room to do my homework because I can't concentrate because they're too DAMN LOUD. All they do is play video games and computer games and blast their crappy music and laugh and yell at the top of their lungs and I'm TIRED OF ITTT.

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Star Trek: Vulcan WTF

You get to listen to Drakie bitch about his life yaaaayy!

Just a short little emo moment here. I'm just tired of my dad being ill. Not tired in the 'goddamn why won't he just get fucking better?' way but in the 'I'm tired of him hurting all the time' way. Cancer twice, open heart surgery, lost use of his left hand, can't walk faster than a grandma stride, gout, heart working 1/3rd the amount it should... It's just been weighing down on me lately. I mean, when I think about it I get a little sad, but lately the gout in his hand got infected.

From what I understand without looking it up, gout is caused by a rapid increase or drop in uric acid levels, causing crystals to form in the joints. All my dad's medicines fuck with his uric acid levels, so he's constantly gouting up. And of course, it's in his RIGHT hand! His left hand is a dead fish, and he can barely use his right one half the time to do more than henpeck emails and wipe his ass. And now the gout in his finger is infected, so he can use it LESS. I had to make his breakfast for him this morning and I could tell he was just utterly shamed that he couldn't even spoon rice into a bowl. It's very depressing to watch. We were gonna play WoW this morning, but I don't think he can because he can barely touch anything. I'm not sure he'll be able to play D&D tomorrow either. And now everyone realizes how much of a dork Drake really is.

Anyway, I told myself I wouldn't make this LJ way too whiny, so I'll stop here. I was just venting I guess. :] I don't expect anyone to really read this, so I'm not gonna ask for hugs or anything.
Star Trek: Vulcan WTF

Tell your boyfriend if he says he's got beef that I'm a vegetarian and I ain't fuckin scared of him.

Animefest excitement anyone? I know I made a video about it...

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But I just learned that mah buddy won't be comin in for the con. Therefore, I've ordered a Mikami wig and will just Death Note it up. Again. Sigh. I like Death Note, but I was really tryin to deviate from it a bit. xD I could ideally go in a Hogwarts costume or Zuko or something. But at A-kon there was a serious lack of Avatar cosplayers, and while it would be fun to sneer at everyone and call them Mudbloods, I'd probably have the same issue: lack of Hogwarts cosplayers. So I'd be sort of alone. HOWEVER I know there are always tons of Death Note cosplayers, and while it makes me less unique, it means I fit in with a crowd I can hang with because we're all from the same show, ya dig?

So yes. That's my plan. My wig will come in some time this week, and I'll be sure to camwhore plenty. Also, my Slytherin-themed Converse should be here tomorrow, which I'm also excited about. :D
Star Trek: Vulcan WTF

The coffee's for me, actually.

Hahaha every time my dad and I go to see a movie at the Studio Movie Grill, I order coffee. However, the person who takes and orders and the person who delivers the food is different, so every time we order, the server tries to give my dad the coffee and me his diet Pepsi. We're both like 'um ew' and switch. I just find this funny because my dad hates coffee more than he hates Obama, and it always baffles everyone when I order coffee at a restaurant and my parents order like, Coke and stuff.

Also uber excited about my costume design for Infinitusss. HPDFW is going to rock the house next year, so beware. Totally jealous of all the HPDFW-siders (if anyone knows what I did there, then KUDOS TO YOU) who got to goooo. I hate missin out on funtiems.

Oh, and to those who remember/care, I got accepted to the charter school and will start on the twenty-forth. Sigh. I'm excited and bummed at the same time. I have to wear a uniform WUTWUT SADFAIS.